Soal LGBT.

Cuma pengen share ajah.
Jadi ceritanya gue lagi ngerjain thesis soal LGBT community di Indonesia dan touch a little about agama.
Nah namanya thesis kan perlu research dong. So I did. In fact, I’m still doing it.
Jadi gue ngeresearch beberapa artikel, blog, dll. As you know, in the bottom of the page kan ada comment box where people can write their thoughts. So, I read some of them and it is surprised me. Makin lama ngebaca, makin sedih. Jujur. The words they threw at these people are seriously worst. I don’t want to type it here, because it is just too bad 😦
I know and I understand, this topic is really a hard one and if you ask me, I will say “I don’t know” because simply I am not in a place where I have all the rights to say yes and no. And I don’t think there are any educations that will give you the exact answer anyway.

But, here is what I thought.
Mungkin kalian mikir kalo aku sesat, ga punya pendirian dan ga bisa stand up for myself. Some of you may think that I am stupid and that’s okay 🙂
Kalo kalian nanya aku 5 tahun lalu, mungkin aku bakal langsung kasih jawaban kalo LGBT itu salah, ga pake babibu. But now, kalau kalian tanya, jawaban aku will be “I dont know”.
I really don’t know anything about it. Karena the more I learn, the more aku ga tau. Karena emang masalah ini bukan cuma soal hitam dan putih. It is way and way more complex. But we, often bring it to the table kayak ini masalah gampang yang udah jelas jawabannya apa. Pemirsa tersayang, sadly, it is not as easy as we thought.
Ini berhubungan dengan sisi psikologis seseorang, berhubungan dengan kepercayaan seseorang akan sesuatu, berhubungan dengan prinsip hidup seseorang, berhubungan dengan masa lalu dan latar belakang seseorang, berhubungan dengan semua pandangan atau persepsi dan pengalaman seseorang terhadap sesuatu. And we all know that semua itu, bukan sesuatu yang mudah untuk dipahami dan I don’t think you can learn it.
Kadang, there are times dimana kita ga ngerti soal diri kita sendiri, gimana mungkin kita bisa bener-bener paham sama kehidupan orang lain? Tapi tetep ajah kadang dengan semudah itu kita mengkotakkan kehidupan mereka dalam sebuah boks yang sesuai dengan pandangan kita. Is it really fair? I don’t think so…

Komunitas LGBT itu manusia dan mereka sama kayak kita. Mereka punya hak dan kewajiban sama kayak kita. Mungkin Negara kita ga punya hukum untuk melindungi hak mereka, but why do we need a legal law to respect them? Why don’t we stop discriminate them ? Salah atau bener, I never fully understand. And it is not my job to decide it. Mungkin sampe akhir hidup juga gue ga akan pernah bisa paham soal ini, and that’s okay. My job is to love and I will love. My job is to respect and I will respect, walaupun ga ada hukum di Indonesia untuk melindungi hak-hak mereka. I mean, kita ga butuh legal hukum untuk menghormati sesama manusia kan? You dont’t need to agree with them to be able to respect them, right? Menghormati sesama manusia itu should always run in our blood. It is something yang gue diajarin dari kecil, supaya sampe mati, kita selalu bisa nerapin prinsip hormat sama orang lain 😀
Mungkin cara hidup dan prinsip mereka berbeda dengan cara hidup dan prinsip gue, but it does not mean that I have rights to judge, reject and hate them. I know my God teaches me to love others as He loves. I know He is all about love. His loves includes and not excludes. His love is limitless and go beyond all the laws 🙂

We are all sinners and God is the only Judge.
Who am I, human, with limited mind and understanding, have all the rights to say it is sin or it is not. I don’t have that rights, not now, not in the future and not for forever. But one think I know and I am sure of, is to love them as fellow human. Simply because they are human too. And I am more than privileged to love them.

When in doubt, love.
When you agree, love.
When you disagree, love.
At all time,

Oh, and stop HATE. Don’t bully others, but encourage moreeeeeeeee!! ❤

Terima kasih sudah membaca 🙂
Be blessed and have a great day!

Stefie. A


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