#OOTD: Lace it Up.

I honestly never feel comfortable enough to wear something that’s shaping my body very clear or well you can say, bodycon type of clothes. I always love something loose and “spacey”, it is like there is more room to breathe.
However, I think there’s something wrong with me, believe it or not, I have more than 5 bodycon tops in my closet.  One of them is this gorgeous lace-up top from Gina Tricot.
Come on, we all know that lace-up top is on trend. Almost every clothing store here in Oslo, sells them, which is a good thing because there are more choices to choose from. Well, there might be a slight different from one model to another, but overall it is really all the same type.


Processed with VSCOcam with m4 preset

The first reason I love the top is because the lace-up part. For me, this little detail really make a pop-up look on the plain top. But the reason why I picked this top from Gina Tricot and not the other store, it’s because I love the material of the clothes, I love the kinda thick string for the lace, the touch of the medium size silver rings, most importantly it’s super comfortable to wear and fit perfectly on my body shape.

To kinda bring the sweet and cozy look to this outfit (and also to make me feel warm since the winter is not end yet) I wore this faux fur coat in black from Cubus. I got it on Black Friday last year. It was 50% percent off, a very good deal for a pretty coat.


For the bottom, well, here’s the thing, it is so hard for me as a tiny Asian lady in the middle of tall European ladies to find the right size of jeans during sale, or even not on sale sometimes. Coz, as we all know that all the store sells clothes according to European Size. This high-waisted jeans from Cheap Monday, have longer length than what I needed 😦 so to be able to wear this jeans, I have to fold it a little and it’s not a big problem really :p
Overall, I love the colour, I love the stretchy-ness of the material and I love how it looks on me. Oh! I got this pants on sale as well! I think it was around $20 or something like that. still a GREAT.DEAL ❤


Lastly, for the shoes, I’ve been looking for a simple flat and black boots to match with my other type of outfit like dresses, shorts, overalls, tops, my sheer stockings, etc, during winter and maybe spring. Since what I’ve been wearing are lace up boots, sneakers, runners and rain boots, I decided to get a pair of casual and simple black boots 🙂 This boots I got from Skopunkten and it was around $30-$40 I think. Super comfortable, does not have heels, just has a high sole which I’m very happy about. It makes me look a little taller and easier to find in the middle of this crowded city *kidding*.



This is my overall look 🙂 No accessories this time, more like most of the time since I’m not a big fan of accessories. I only wear my wedding and engagement ring 🙂 I could wear some accessories, but it has to be in the specific mood. hahaha.
Also, to add, since autumn and winter, I barely bring a bag unless I go to school or going for a loooonggg time. Because I always wear jacket whenever I need to go outside and my jackets has two pockets that are big enough to put the important stuff in there, like my wallet, phone, and keys 🙂

Anyway, do you have a lace-up top too? If yes, please let me know on the comment box down below ❤

Hope you have a fantastic day, lovelies! xx


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