Dear Husband, 

I’m writing this post in the living room, waiting, because you’re cooking a surprise food for me. You’ve been going back and forth today to the market just to be able to cook me this food that you think I would love, and honey, let me tell you that I love it already.

Then I see your photos on my phone and I just want to the whole world know how grateful I am to have a husband like you who is so lovely and kind. My grammar might all over the place, but please know that I am trying my best to communicate how I feel through this post for you.

Thank you so much for being such an amazing husband. You did a lot of house work lately as I’m writing my home exam. Thank you for always making sure I have a good atmosphere to study and always believe in me. This post might not be the best gift to repay what you did for me lately and today. I love you wholeheartedly. Once again, thank you so much. I am so happy to be married with you.

Thank you my love.

P.s. I love your smile! xx


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