#OOTD: One Fine Day.


 Hello everyone.
I have finished my 3 essays for the semester and I am super happy. Finally I’m on my autumn break, and I feel so relieved and relaxed. I started to get back to watercolor painting today and it was incredibly fun, even though I messed up some of the paintings. Maybe I will share my experience and some of what I’ve been working on in the next post 🙂

Not only watercoloring, I am back on blogging again after a looooonnnngggg time not posting anything, so sorry for not being consistent with the blogging time. I was seriously stressing out a lot since it was my first time writing essays. But I passed through that stressful moment, and this feels so dang good.

Anyway, here comes the best part of the post…
Ingrid, my sister in law showed us this beautiful spot near our house in Åsgårdstrand. The sun was shining with its best light, I couldn’t contain myself. I just fell in love. This is like a secret garden for me to release stress, as no one is really passing by. It was only 3 of us and Charlie, Ingrid’s dog ❤
I mean, look at this place, people… How can you not fall in love? Autumn is seriously so wonderful.






“Nature is the best cure.”

– Autumn Jacket, black sweater and leggings are from H&M.
– Mountain shoes: Grisport

Photo by: Torstein. A<3




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