#OOTD: Bohemian Love.

Hello beautiful people!
Today, I’m gonna show you how to style Bohemian Style or Boho.

I must say that I am a huge fan of Boho style!
I mean look at their dresses, kaftans, kimonos, etc.
I just want to buy it all hahaha 😀

I think Boho style brings laces, materials, patterns in a whole new level.
Plus, it’s only in the boho style that stacks of bracelets on your wrist and  rings on your fingers looks superb! What other style lets you rock golden tattoos and head pieces?

But, sometimes, dressing up in Boho style is just too much if you just want to go to the beach, to the mall, to family gatherings or just for a hang out with friends. However, I believe that there are some people that are brave and bold enough to dress all out! Which is greatttttt.
For me, wearing so many accessories on my body sometimes makes it hard to move around freely and really limits what I can do. Then again, I don’t mind to wear more advanced stuff for special occasions.

I am no professional but I can give you some inspiration of how to dress up, Boho style,  that will make you feel comfortable all day! 🙂

 First Look

Choose one piece of clothing that you like with boho prints on it! In this photo, I chose Sabrina top from New Look and ripped black shorts from Bershka.
For sandals, I’m wearing simple fringe sandals from @lapaksijadoel.
Accessories – I am wearing five pieces mixed black and gold vintage bangles.

 Second Look

I am wearing the same shorts and sandals (Btw, these sandals are super comfortable! They never hurt my feet even from the first time I wear ’em).
For outerwear, I am wearing long kimono from Pull and Bear. I love the pattern, the natural color, the length, and the fringe!!! So Boho! 😀 I love them a lot!
The accessories are pretty much the same, I only added the long gold necklace from Vintage Treasure Bali. 

Third Look 

I am wearing Rayon Kimono that has small mandalas prints on it.
The pattern is very boho with black color as a base and white as the color for the pattern. You can never go wrong with these colors for this style.  And yes! It has small fringes around which enhances the “boho-ness”.
Inside, maybe you can’t see… but I am wearing white top from New Look and white shorts from Bershka.
For the shoes, I am wearing an open ankle boots from New Look.
The hat is from H&M.

Fourth Look

This dress is unbranded, I got it from a street shop in front of Seminyak Square in Indonesia. I love the ruffle on the bottom of the dress and the arm. I also like the color and it is super comfortable to wear all day! As you can see it is perfect for summer! I am also wearing the black shorts under.
For the feet, I am wearing gold slippers from Havaianas.
For accessories, I am wearing an eye necklace, sunnies from Cotton On, a vintage anklet and a vintage bag.

Fifth Look

I am wearing a super oversized t-shirt from H&M, white shorts from Bershka and this gorgeous kimono from Pull & Bear. I must say, this is my most favorite kimono. The material, the cuts, the laces, the length, oh! Everything is just perfect! I wore this kimono a lot and it really is great for any occasion.
The off-white color makes this kimono easy to mix and match.
Sandals are the same with my first and second look.
Here for accessories, I am just using sunnies.
Boho enough hey? 🙂

1. White nail polish is the perfect addition to make your look more boho.
2. Anklets with chains and charms are great.
3. If you want to go plain, Turban boho headpiece can help.
4. Play with prints and laces! 🙂
5. Have fun!




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