Birthday Haul.

I don’t know about you, but i’m feeling 26!
Yes friends, I turned 26 years yesterday. And this is my first time celebrating in Norway 😀 WOHOOOO.

My birthday was a BLASTTTTT! Got visitors from my family in Åsgårdstrand, and so many birthday greetings on Facebook wall, Instagram, Path, Line, Whatsapp, etc.

I’m honestly very blessed by your gifts, prayers, greetings and love…. Also the handmade cake, and one beautiful bouquet of fresh white flowers ❤

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Being 26 is amazing,
You learned a lot as this life goes by.
Maybe I’m not as wiser as the 50s or 70s, but every mistake that I made, every specific experience that I have, really made me learn and makes me become a better person every second 🙂
I’m so grateful for friends and families that I have around the Globe.
I’m grateful for God above who loves me unstoppably.
I’m so grateful for all of you who didn’t know me well but yet spending time to read this blog.
Thank you so so so much, please know that I am really appreciate each everyone of you ❤

About the haul now.. 🙂
2-3 weeks before my birthday, my husband asked me to write a birthday list.
And so I did.
There are 10 numbers but I keep changing and I decided to choose the final 3 of things that I really need, and leave the rest as options.

So, this is what I got..
– Smoothie to go (Top 3 list) // I got this from my sister in law. The first time I use it, it’s actually broken so I need to wait for the replacement from the store.

Photo by Kitch’n

– Hair Dryer with Diffuser (Top 3 list) // Now I can style my hairrrrr. Thank you husband  😀

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– Curling Iron 19mm (Top 3 list) // What I need to style my short hair that always look kinda messy in a not so good way hehehe

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– Chili Seeds // I got this from my sister in law as well. I love Chili. Like a lot. And I always wanted a chili plant. Today I got to plant my “Happy Birthday Chili” and hopefully it will grow well 😀

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– Smoothies Recipe Book // I got this from my mother in law, I loveee this book, perfect match with the blender I got. I can’t wait to try some of the recipes when I get the blender back! 😀

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– Greeting Cards // Handwritten cards are always the best! I really love it. For me, birthday is never complete without this!

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– Fjallraven Backpack // I only have one backpack which is travel backpack that I use for school as well. And it’s too big for me since I don’t really bring my computer to school.
I already spot my eyes on this backpack since there are so many people use it here and I crave for one. Thank you Husband for getting me one with a perfect sand color 😀

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

– Some money $$$ from parents — I didn’t use all of it but I manage to get stuff that I really want as well.
So, here’s what I spent 🙂

– Nike Air Max 90 Prem in White // If you read my One of OOTD post, I mentioned that I have a complicated relationship with sneakers more so with runners. BUT, this one is heaven sent. I just loveeeee this shoes, from the style to the comfort level, this shoes has everything my feet needs. This one even get 5 stars rating on everywhere. Yeay!

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

– The Balmsai Palette // So hard to find this palette and now I have one! 😀 So happy!!

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

– Jeans // It’s a girlfriend jeans with a cropped on the knee. I love this one coz it’s kinda baggy but not to baggy. The denim material is softer than usual. It’s above ankle length. It’s even looks nicer if you fold the bottom part 🙂 I got it at H&M. Here’s the link to SHOP.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

– Nude Nail polish from H&M // Never really have a nude color nail polish before so I gave it a try 🙂 The name for this nail polish is “Milky Tea”. H&M have lots of different type of nude colors now so go there and pick yours 😀


Yeay, So that’s my birthday haul. I’m more than happy with what I got 😀
I know thank you is not enough but I’ll say it anyway.. Thank you Thank you Thank youuuuuu alll 😀


Hope you enjoy this post 🙂



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  1. nabilaadytia says:

    hai happy birthday 🙂 may I know what camera and lens do you use? Thanks before.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hii 🙂 aku pake kamera canon 600D dengan lensa standard ajah kog 🙂 18-55mm.. heheh salam kenal nabila 😀 aku follow yah blognya xx thanks for dropping by! ❤


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