Bali Beaches

Who doesn’t love Bali? The weather, beautiful beaches, sunsets, how you can wear shorts like forever, beach hair, hundreds of amazing cafes, hotels, their unique culture, the wonderful people, and everything! 🙂

Me and my husband actually get to experience this beautiful island for 1 year 2 weeks. But believe it or not, we only get a real chance to explore Bali last 2 months!
Because my husband is studying, me? I have one small online shop business, and even sometimes we have two or three days of holiday, we just rested or flew to other city to meet my family. So yeah didn’t get a lot of free time to actually exploring Bali further, but it’s okay, we will come back one day to Bali to explore more.

I made this post for some of my friends who ask me directly and indirectly to write them list of places to go in Bali. So I’ll started with the BEACHES ❤ (please wait for my next post about Bali :))

P.S: If you’re in Bali, I highly recommended you to download an app called “WAZE”. This app is very very helpful to get you to your destination without traffic! It will save your time, your energy, and money really!

Anyway, today I will share our favorite beaches in Bali. Jfyi, I’m not a beach girl, but when I found one beach that I love, I love hardly.

Let’s gooooooo…

1. Balangan Beach


This beach is famous and located 15-20 minutes away from GWK (Garuda Wisnu Kencana).
The sand, the cliff, the view of the sunrise here are endless. You will see the beauty of the horizon from the top. I personally love the cliff side view better than the beach under, it give me chills the first time I see it. I’m overwhelmed.
Jfyi, This beach is also famous for pre-wedding photoshoot, but make sure you ask how much the fee you have to pay first 🙂

You only need to pay around max 5000 idr per person (tourist or local)
What’s nearby? GWK, Pandawa beach, La Joya.

2. Gunung Payung Beach
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To get here is a bit tricky because of the road that haven’t been properly smoothed and fixed yet. But again, waze will help you to find this beach.
I think what is really special about this beach is the steps. YEAP.

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To get here you need to take around 100 steps down (or maybe more) to the beach. But, it is all worth it.

The beach is pretty secluded, not a lot of people come here, so I would say it is still private. Same like balangan, the view from the parking area is already breathtaking, almost every step down you can take photos.

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You only need to pay around max 5000 idr per person for local. Not sure about the tourist.
What’s nearby? GWK, Pandawa beach.

3. Blue Point / Suluban Beach

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The surfer paradise. You will see so many people carrying their surfing board. When you come here, don’t just stay in the cafe or just see it from the top. Go down to the cave area. Here you can experience something different from other beaches.

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The surfer start swimming from the cave area to the open sea. Also here, You can feel the sea water on your feet. Sandy toes, Salty hair = PERFECT <3<3<3

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Entrance Fee: max 5000 idr per person
What’s nearby? Padang-padang beach, Bingin beach, Blue Haven Padang-padang

4. Padang-Padang Beach

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You can see monkeys as you entered the gate before the steps down to the beach.
The steps down to the beach are placed between huge natural rocky walls, so it’s only have enough space for one person. You can’t walk side by side with your friend, again, not enough space. But i think this what makes padang-padang very unique. Plus, this is the famous beach for Eat, Pray, Love movie 🙂

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This beach quite long, so keep walking to the right side area. If you see rocks, just keep walking and go pass those rocks :))

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No Entrance Fee, just pay for the parking.
If you’re using public toilet there, you have to pay 5000 idr per person.
What’s nearby? Blue Haven Padang-Padang, El Kabron, Bingin, Blue Point / Suluban Beach.

5. Legian Beach

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Sadly, we went at night. But it’s still beautiful.
This beach have the softest sand I’ve ever felt in my life. It’s like you’re walking on a land of powder or sth. SO SO SO SOFT.
This beach located between Kuta Beach and Seminyak Beach which are famous with their sunset 🙂 So, if you want to see sunset, you can actually enjoy it from here as well.
As you know, La Plancha, Seminyak is very famous with people come to watch the sunset, BUT it it’s full there, just make your way over here and find some cafes similar like La Plancha. Grab one bottle of bintang and enjoy your favorite Tapas here with your loved ones. I promise, you will love it.

Entrance Fee: I’m not sure
What’s nearby: Jayakarta Hotel and Apartments, Pizzeria Legian.

So, there are the top 5 beaches I loveeeee 🙂
Hope it will help you to enjoy Bali a bit more.
Let me know more of the beaches you love on the comments box below.
Make sure you get your sunnies and sun screen on. Keep Bali clean!!!
Get tan but don’t get burn!

Last thing, if you like or love or little love or even little like, please do share this post. Ha! Thank you for reading, wonderful people.



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  1. Arianna Rose says:

    Wow, I can’t believe you got to spend over a year there! What an amazing experience. Blue Point really caught my eye. I’d probably go there first.


    1. Yessss! you should totally go to Bali 🙂


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